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Upload multiple processing notes

At the moment clients can only upload one processing note at a time. It would be helpful if they could upload multiple in one go. Number of clients have asked about this.
Kelle Allen 6 days ago in Payrun 0 New

The report highlights errors in the mismatch between titles and gender.

We currently face difficulty navigating employees with mismatches between their name titles and genders. Having a report or warning system would assist in resolving these discrepancies effectively.
Guest 7 days ago in Employee Setup 0 New

Avoid sending P45 document to employees.

There are instances where it's not advisable to send copies of P45 documents to employees. Having the option to prevent the sending of P45 documents to selected employees would be greatly beneficial in such situations. One of the scenarios is Tupe...
Srilakshmi Patlolla 8 days ago in Payrun 0 New

Attachment TD Report

There is a similar report available on employee level but it doesn't have all the required data plus it can't be run for the whole company. Ideally such report should be able to produce data for whle company with following fields. Employee Payroll...
Ibrahim Raja 8 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Employer's Pension % on Payslips

Please show the employer pension percentage amount on payslips - client request
CHRISTINE GODWIN 24 days ago in Payslips 0 New

Pay run filter always reverts to "all departments"

If running a pay run and setting the filter to show a specific department, after entering the pay for an employee, the filter resets back to showing all departments. It should stay on the set filter while in the pay run screen.
Simon L about 14 hours ago in Payrun 0 New

Add a sort option to the main employee list

The main list of employee records is in employee code order and can't be changed. It would be useful to add a sort and filter function (i.e. filter by pay schedule).
Simon L about 14 hours ago in MIscellaneous 0 New

Sorting in pension lists by date is wrong

If you look at the employee list in the pension section and want to sort it by date, it sorts in day order and not a proper date (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd). In other words, the 8 Jan 2019 shows as later than 3 May 2024 because 8 comes after 3. In general, ...
Simon L about 14 hours ago in Pensions 0 New

CSV Files to be available in PDF formats. Easier to read and print

When you go into payroll and view details of pay runs........the following are only shown in CSV format. Journal Entry FPS Payments Pay by Bank Transfer
Jackie Kinge about 20 hours ago in  0 New

IP Address Lock Down

We would like to be able to lock down use of the system to our on-site IP address only, enabling us to use our internal security processes. Can you make this possible please. Thank you.
Pamela Finbow 1 day ago in MIscellaneous 0 New