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Pension Report Standard Life

The pensions contributions report for Standard Life is incorrect. The annual pensionable earnings figures are incorrect. It appears to be being based on monthly pay which may have been reduced by sick pay etc
Guest 1 day ago in Pensions 0 Pending Review

NMW Top Up

Would it be possible when playroll flags an e[mployee is below NMW it can also calculate by how much and give the option to apply a top up of that amount? At the moment this is a manual calculation but would be great if the system could calculate ...
Guest 36 minutes ago in Payrun 0 New

Merge MyePayWindow Account

Having upgraded from Iris Bureau Payroll to Staffology payroll, this has created a second account in MyePayWindows. Why can't these accounts be merged.
Guest about 2 hours ago in  1 Will not implement

Delayed Issue of Payslips

Why doesn't Staffology allow for the delay on publishing payslips to MyePayWindows as was possible in Iris Bureau Payroll. This was a very useful option to prepare wages in advance of clients wanting them available to staff.
Guest about 2 hours ago in  0 Pending Review

Delayed Payslip Publishing

No description provided
Guest about 2 hours ago in  0 Will not implement

Direct Earnings Attachment

There is an error in the calculations of DEA. We have added a fixed amount to be deducted for a particular employee as per the letter. However it is being calculated based on net salary as a percentage.
Guest 1 day ago in Payslips 0 New

Correct Pension File Details

The pension file that Staffology lets you download is currently missing a number if information for us to send the file to People's Partnership. Bearing in mind that IRIS Paye Master downloaded this CSV File and it had everything it needed. The fi...
Valeria Castro 2 days ago in Pensions 0 Pending Review

Option to automatically send 1 employee payslip from within the payroll

Sometimes I need to rerun the payroll and re-finalise it but to resend the payslip that has been revised I have to download and send the pdf manually. Option to automatically send payslips sends ALL
Guest 7 days ago in Payrun 2 Pending Review

Net additions on G2N

Currently, the Gross to Net report adds any net payments (not subject to tax or NI) into the Gross Pay column as there is no net payment column present. This means the Gross Pay on the Employee Analysis vs the Gross to Net has a variance if any ne...
Georgie Doble about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Pro Rata Recurring Additions & Deduction for Starters & Leavers

Option to automatically pro rata recurring allowances and deductions when an employee starts or leaves.For example an employee who is receiving a monthly car allowance shouldn't recieve the full month allowance if they leave half way through the m...
Guest 3 months ago in Payrun 1 Started